Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mug Shots!

No, not really! We are planning a HUGE family vacation this summer and it required that we get all the kids a passport. We are very excited about this trip! I am going to try really hard to keep my blog up to date all the way until we leave so I can post all our fun when we return! Ithought these pics were funny.....these will be on their passport cards for the next 5 years!

Dayson, age 5 aka Bubba: Mysterious, fun, popular

Caleb, age 7 aka Caleb Joe: Thoughtful, observant, sensitive

Emma, age 3 aka Eclaire: Sweet, playful, bossy

Braiden, age 8 aka BraeBrae: Funny, distracted, smart

Abby, age 10 aka long legs: loveable, pretty, definatley a tween!

Christmas 2009

I have been sooooo bad about pictures ever since I got my iphone. I just use that instead of the real camera. I promise to do better! But, here are a few I actually took from the camera! They got toys, gifts and everyone was happy! Most importantly we were all together!

Movie outside, fire pit...and SANTA

I have the BEST neighbors anyone could ask for and I dare you to challenge me on that! Jill who lives next to me provided a sweet projector and fire pit and we all watched The Polar Express in our garage. It was a BLAST! Then, Cher, my other next door nieghbor has connections to the REAL SANTA and he made a suprise visit!

It was soooo cool, he just came out of nowhere just waking down our street with a bag of goodies for the kiddos!

Thanksgiving 2009

Dayson and Emma in their project they made at school. Just look at the way she looks at her big brother. She sure loves him and the way he lets her boss him around!

Abby is 10!!!

We just had lots and lots of girls over for a party and a movie. Abby is loved by all and she sure is lucky to have such a fab group of girls to call her friends! My cousin Erin made her a Volleyball cookie cake. It was sooooo yum! It was the same recipie Nordstroms makes for their cookies. She is the BEST!
Braiden is 8!
What a special boy I happen to have. He is fun, funny, creative, smart, and athletic. I am so proud that he made this decision to be baptized.

Our family on this special day......

Braiden had his party at Bounce U and had lots of his friends there and had lots of fun!

Ok, seriously, if his friends are acting like this at the age of 8 how bad is it gonna get when they are a bunch of rowdy teenagers!?!?!?! What a funny guy you are Porter Cook!

See what I mean!?

Halloween 2009
We were lucky enough this year to have my niece Kambire and Derek's boys trick or treating with us this year. The weather was great and we walked all around the neighborhhod. We are so very blessed to live in such an awesome place!
Dayson and Emma's preschool had a Halloween Parade and little program. It was soooo cute. I am not real sure where Dayson's class picture went, but oh well, you get the point.

Skiing Season Passes!!

Every year we head up to Pinetop and take advantage of those free season passes for kids 12 and under. For us, that means all of our 5 kids can ski for free all season! What a deal! This year we went up with the Foster Family to a cabin they rented and had a blast!!

Left to right: Abby, Sandee, Lilee, Joshua, Alliee, Dayson, Braiden, Emma, Caleb, Nathaniel

We went on a hike with our 5 kids, their 5 kids and us 4 parents. It was so fun.....

Doing what boys do in the woods.....good ol dayson!

Spencer, Dayson, Emma and Me!

Spencer found a lake and the kids had so much fun skipping rocks and throwing boulders to see who could make the biggest splash!

Getting on the ski lift. We only have to bring 2 cans of food and pay for the lift ticket (about $7) and all the kids get free season passes!

Cute Girls!!!!

Cool Boys!!!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Catching up!

Hold your horses!!! Yep, I finally updated my blog! There are many posts so settle in for a nice long blog read. All of our summer fun is posted below!

Happy Birthday Emma! YOU ARE THREE!

Happy Birthday Emma! My cousin Erin made this cake for her! So cute....

Wow! A suitcase! I wonder who would give Emma a suitcase for her birthday?
Nana of course!!!

"See, I am three!"

Thanks for my doll house! I LOVE YOU!!

Wet N Wild

This was SOOOO TOOOO much fun. We were there from 10 am, opening time to 8pm, closing time! Becky came with us cause Spencer had to work....I just love her!!!
This park had SO MANY rides and slides we just could not get enough!

Summer Sleepovers!

Every summer I hold the End of the Summer Sleepover. It is 2 chaotic filled nights. One for the boys and one for the girls.

All the boys in the pool......I think I had a total of 17.

Eating dinner....and in the words of Forrest Gump: "Thats all I have to say about that."

All the Girls in the pool....I think I had 18?

Concert held by the girls...they were body surfing!

We also had a farewell party that night for one of Abby;s good friends Ivy, who was moving to Utah.


They girls learned the Hoe Down Throw Down that night too.